Friday, March 19, 2010

A smaller house update

Not as much has happened since the last update as we near the end.

They finally put the garage door windows in.


Nice that they insulate the exterior faucets.

Some pipes sticking out of the walls for some reason.

More gutters. Hey, what's that wooden thing there?

Rear steps.

More gutters.

Close-up of the steps.

Kitchen backsplash, faucet, and appliances are in.

Utility room plumbing. Down at the end is the plumbing for a sink. We're not having them put it in because they charged $1000 just for the sink and installation.

Utility lighting in the utility room.

Powder room. Just so you know for when you come to visit.

Still have our hole in the floor.

Master shower is just about done.

Crown molding over master bedroom door. Also shows the extra high ceiling.

Upstairs small bathroom finishes up.

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