Friday, March 5, 2010

All bricked out

Starting at the front, as usual. Note the garage doors, the house number, and that big old van blocking my preferred vantage point. I go on Sunday to avoid this kind of thing, geez. The nerve of them, working on my house...

You can see they're done the brick on the side.

The pad for the air conditioner condensers. That little brown plastic thing to the left is the injection port for the pest control tubing in the walls.

Pretty much the same out back.

The skinny yard.

A closer look at an injection port.

The stairs for the garage side door.

That looks like the final door; dunno why I didn't get a better shot.

601 represent.

Small garage door. This is actually not what it was supposed to be; it's supposed to have windows. I'm told this has been fixed. I'll find out this weekend.

Big garage door. That one is also wrong.

The other side, plus part of that guy doing something you saw ruining my exterior shot.

The door to the house, nicely trimmed. Come on in.

The door from the utility room to the inside. What's that on the left?

They call this a "valet." Whatever. It's the thing that made it ok to sacrifice the coat closet for a fridge space.

The Hole has a door.

Baseboards in The Hole. Just because it's The Hole doesn't mean it has to be ugly.

Shelving over where the washer and dryer will be.

The door back to the garage. Leaving so soon?

Double doors to the rear study, with the casing.

Part of the double doors to that study plus the door and casing for the powder bathroom.

Crown molding in the rear study. This was an error, but they said they're going to leave it.

Big door to the master.

Little door to my closet.

Shelves. The hardware for the closet rod is surprisingly basic.

Double doors to the master bathroom.

Toilet room and linen closet. We'll have to make sure to clear some room at the bottom of that closet for the kids to hide. There's a built-in dirty laundry hamper in the house we live in now that they love to hide in.

Jessica's closet.

This is what the wall texture looks like before paint.

Family room big window has trim and a sill now.

Kitchen pantry plus casing. I don't know why it looks partially painted...

... maybe because the inside was painted

Railings are in.

More railings. I'm getting some paint overspray.

More railing (and more overspray).

Niche in entryway.

Crown molding at the entry way.

Trim around the stairs.

Front door trim plus the sill for the window next to it.

Double doors in the front study also, with casing. You can also see the baseboards.

A shelf at the cutout.

Dining room with crown molding and chair rail, plus a little bit of window sill.

Bench/niche at the top of the stairs, all painted.

Linen closet next to small upstairs bathroom (too small to have it inside).

Looking across the upstairs. I'll have to come up with a name for this little spot that overlooks the entry.

Guest bedroom has double doors on the closet; none of those annoying folding doors.

Fire-rated door to the unfinished attic space.

Looking out from what will be Kieran's room.

Inside of his closet is all painted.

Looking into what will be Uma's room.

Oh, that's where the paint is coming from....

Lots of buckets.

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