Monday, February 15, 2010

Ho hum sweet ho hum


Looks basically the same.


Wait, what's this here?


Gotta make some holes.


The back is done.


Not this side, though.


Mind the gap. Anyone know why that's there?


That looks like the final door (to the garage).


The walls! They're dry!


Extra freezer space (or a closet if we want to go that way).


The children's punishment hole (under the stairs).


A graceful curve (from the family room to the hallway by the master bedroom).


Insulated walls, visible here because there won't be drywall in the shower. It wouldn't stay dry.


Kitchen is drywalled.


Niche for the electronics and such. I find it amazingly decadent that we build these in to houses now.


Industrial style railing. We were looking for something a little different.


Patio door looks like the real thing, too. Who'd do a construction door with glass like that?


More drywall and industrial railing upstairs.


Insulation over the front patio, as that's the floor of one of the upstairs bedrooms.


A little window into the dining room; I guess they needed a support pillar there.


I don't recall if these windows by the front door were there before.


A nice graceful curve going into (and out of) the dining room.


Drywall and insulation in the small upstairs bathroom.


Ditto for the bigger one.


The ceiling over the breakfast room from above (see the can lights?). This is all going to be covered with blown-in insulation.


Lots of insulation in the unfinished media room.


More ceiling, this above the master bedroom. Dunno why I thought you needed 2 pictures like this.



More conduit? How did that get there? And why is it different? Ssshh...

It's definitely different with the drywall in. Duh. I think we're going to have to work on getting some natural light in some rooms. When the light comes freely through the walls and ceiling, it's not apparent how dark some rooms will get.

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