Saturday, February 27, 2010

She's a brick.... house

The outside is coming together.

If you don't make the expansion joint, it'll be made for you. I wish they'd done a little more subtly, though.

'round back.

Not quite done this side.

There's a coat of wall texture.

Here's the afternoon light coming through the master bedroom windows.

Jessica's vanity (it's next to her closet).

My vanity.

For some reason we couldn't do the same brick as outside, but I don't remember why.

Kitchen cabinets are here. This is the side wall; you can see where the double ovens will go (I think that's excessive, but that's just what they do). I'm pretty pleased with the ones we chose, but I'm not sure how it's going to work with the countertops. We'll just have to see.

The main set of cabinets. You can tell where the stove will be.


The other side of the island. The vacancy is for the dishwasher.


Some of the modern conveniences.


Sunlight from the upstairs. We switched from a half wall to an open railing to make sure that light wasn't blocked.


Tiny vanity in the small upstairs bathroom.

Big bathroom vanity. We're going to have 2 sinks here, since we're planning on putting the kids right next to each other.

Part of the subfloor came up a bit. I wasted no time telling them. All in all a less dramatic week than most. Maybe tomorrow will bring something exciting (although the cabinets and brick were pretty cool). Well, it'll bring it to me; I doubt you'll see it so soon.

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