Sunday, March 14, 2010

Closing in on closing

We've got a tentative closing date of March 30. I don't expect it to slip much, both based on the condition of the house and the fact that March 31 is the last day of the quarter. On with the show.

Not much new on the outside.



Things that keep water from coming in the vents!

Flood lights.

Mostly the same from the back, but for one subtle detail: they graded it. The drop-off from the house isn't so severe now.

More flood lights.

The stoop was there before, but the light wasn't.

Garage is painted now, with light switches, outlets, and so forth. The yellow wire is for the garage door openers, so there's no visible wire.

There's the other end of the garage door opener wiring.

Tile is in. I'm not super excited about this tile, but I'm not super excited about any floor tile.

The "valet" area is painted now. Also there's blonde hair.

Tiled powder bathroom.

Unexpected floor hole (in the rear study).

Looking out from the rear study with the painted doors.

Light fixtures are in. That kind of light fixture always looks like a breast to me. It's going to be replaced by a ceiling fan/light eventually.

Master bedroom wall sconces. Jessica likes lots of light to read, so we'll probably still have table lamps. This was from the standard lighting line. I expected uglier.

Painted closet door.

Master shower tile work-in-progress.

One of the vanities. The other one is basically the same, but the picture was blurry.

Linen closet/children's hidey hole.

Painted living room.

Ceiling fan.

Countertops are in, though hidden.

Here's a closeup, plus the 60/40 undermount sink.

Tile in the breakfast room.


Fireplace hearth. Can't fall very far from that.

Dining room. That chandelier wouldn't have been my top choice, but I think it's okay. I'm not planning on replacing everything anymore.

Doors at the front study.

Crown molding at the entry.

Entry lighting, very similar to, if not the same as, the dining room.

Railings have been stained and revealed.

Small bathroom vanity.

Fourth bedroom closet.

What I'm calling the "long bathroom."

Uma's room, and part of the view out.

Future home of electric car charger.

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