Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Christian Nation, Finally?

If the key principles that define America were derived from the Bible, how come it took 1500+ years of so-called Christian nations for a nation like America to happen? The Roman Empire was pretty Christian from the 4th century on. There was the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the various highly religious medieval nations like Spain and Poland, etc. All those were supposedly Christian nations, and yet all of those were wildly different from the United States of America. If the principles that define America are really in the Bible, and they're so obviously derived from the Bible and not, say, the Enlightenment philosophers, the Magna Carta, etc., then you'd think at least one of the many Christian nations over the 1500+ year history of Christian nations might have gotten there first.

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Blogger wins32767 said...

I'm wading through "Crucible of War" right now, and it briefly touches on this, at least vis-a-vis the historical problems. The early New Englanders apparently felt that Catholicism was a corruption of Christianity and proximity to Catholic countries prevented any European Protestant nation from achieving the appropriate amount of purity.

There is a lot of interesting interplay between the politico-religious aspects of colonization, especially in New England, and the current (primarily southern) Evangelical religious politics.

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