Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plumbing ain't dramatic...

... but it sure is a lot of work. I was there during the week, and it was a bustle of activity. It's not a whole lot to see, but they were working.



They moved the bricks to the back....


Trim paint.


Ceiling paint.



Some pipes sticking out of the walls.


Where the water comes in.


Pipes in walls.


Pipes in the ceiling.






Pipes in the walls. I assume that the green spray is some kind of moisture or mildew repellent. It's there throughout the ground floor up to the same height.


Pipes in the ceiling.


Pipes in the island.



Back to pipes in the walls.


A short break for pipes in the ceiling.



And some pipes in the walls to finish strong.


Attic water heater.



(over the) garage water heater. I couldn't get up there because we have walls now, and I can't fit a (sufficiently large) ladder in the Corolla.


Pipes in walls! Boo!


And some more trim paint.

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