Sunday, June 26, 2011

If I had billions...

Worthy causes I've not seen getting funds:

  • Universal Frisug: RISUG is a procedure for reversible male sterilization. The efficacy is near perfect, it uses simple and cheap chemicals, and it is quick. A similarly quick and easy procedure reverses it. Imagine a world where every male got this at age 15, to be reversed if and when he chose. Right now it needs funds to get approved, and then someone to pay for every fertile male who wants it to get it.

  • Institute for Sciencing: an organization that exists solely to duplicate scientific experiments conducted by others

  • Eternal knowledge: come up with some way of storing a terabyte of data in some format durable enough to be read a billion years from now, and cheap enough to be replicated thousands of times. These data stores would be buried around the world, sent to the moon and possibly other planets, sent into orbit around the various planets, and even sent out of the Solar System.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Public Discobedience

public discobedience, n: non-violent but disruptive protest via dancing to club music from the 1970s.