Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Retro Ugly

Aviator sunglasses have to be one of the dumber style trends to reappear. I mean, sure, I thought they were wicked cool the first time, but I was like 12. The ugliest of the ugly is Jeremy Sisto on "Law & Order." Someone needs to stage an intervention. I was unable to find a photo, though; NBC's site for the show only has photos up to the last season. Rest assured they look even worse than this media shot. I figure if Sarah Shahi can't do it, nobody can.


Apartheid for Women

Saudi Arabia is basically an apartheid state for women. Their whole lives they're basically treated like they're mentally ill children. Human Rights Watch has a press release about their new report on the subject. While South Africa's evil policies made them international pariahs, Saudi Arabia doesn't even get dirty looks. Can we boycott them? Please?


Weaseling from Avent

Thanks for the helpful answer. I don't think they understand what the point of an FAQ is.

Do Philips AVENT baby bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?
Philips AVENT reusable bottles, such as the AirFlex, are made from polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is approved for use and lawful for sale in every country where Philips AVENT products are sold, including in North America and Europe.

So is that a Yes or a No? Do a little reading, and you will discover it's a Yes, but geez. The whole point of an FAQ is to get straight to the point. They couldn't help using corporate double speak.

And hey, when did Philips buy Avent? Oh, 2006. Right about when I stopped paying attention.

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