Sunday, December 20, 2009


They poured our foundation earlier this week. Luckily we got there before they started framing, so we could catch it in all its concrete glory.

They also cut the curb for the driveway.

This here is the garage (duh). Behind it on the left is where a study, the master bathroom, master bedroom, and powder room will be located; behind the single bay on the right is where the utility room will be, and beyond that part of the family room (consult the plan again?).

More garage, this time showing towards the opposite corner of the house, where the breakfast room will be. Moving towards the front along that far edge will be the kitchen and the dining room; next to the garage will be the formal living room, which we will have enclosed like a study. You can also see the entry patio, of which more later.

Back patio. This will be covered, but not enclosed (by the builder).

Plumbing stack for the kitchen island. Also some people you might recognize.

Standing in the dining room looking at the living room/study and garage. The triple pipe set will be for the utility room.

Entry patio. The front door will be at an oblique angle at that Battlestar Galactica-style cut off corner. I tried to convince the builder to cut off all the corners of the house, but they mumbled something about structural integrity.

Again with the front patio and garage.

5' on this side....

15' on this side. When they had the forms in the wrong place, they had 10' and 10'. That matters because the road bends here, so shifting it 5' to the side enabled us to move the house forward 1' and gain an iota more backyard. Also, 10' seems too narrow to be useful, so instead of having two useless side yards, now we'll have one really useless one and one maybe useful one.

Two floor outlets in the family room; I hate visible wires.

Standing in the study.

Utility pipes. I saved the most exciting for last.

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