Saturday, December 5, 2009


We had a freeze last night. Our pecan tree reacted strongly. When I straggled out of bed this morning, I saw it dumping its leaves on the ground. The leaf fall has basically ended because there's nothing left to fall. I didn't see it start, but I don't think it took more than a couple hours. The lawn under it is now under many layers of leaves. You can hear the leaves falling.

Gotta rewrite the song: "Leaves are falling, loudly falling, tumbling to the ground. Yellow yellow green brown yellow, tumbling to the ground."

ISN'T THIS EXCITING?!?!?! I'll bet this is totally what Chen, Hurley, and Karim had in mind when they founded YouTube. I am at the forefront of 21st century journalism! I'm gonna be on Oprah!

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