Friday, October 16, 2009

Ugly diagrams of the planned house

First floor and second floor. These were marked up for my reference. I know they're ugly, and that there are two Bedrooms 4 upstairs, etc. And yes, it's quite a large house (3400 sf according to the builder).

The original version of this plan had the upstairs bathroom 2 between those two bedrooms on the left. I thought those two rooms were a little small that way, and the upstairs gameroom was huge. So I thought of moving the bathroom and killing two birds with one stone. The pink lines in those two rooms show the original size.

The area marked "Unfinished attic space" is where a media room option goes. We didn't want to pay for a media room, either up front, in maintenance, or in taxes. However, someday we might want that space. Alternately, if we had to move out, we'd be able to finish that space and add a few hundred square feet and a nice feature to the house that would help us sell it. It will be storage space accessible through a door (not indicated) until then.

On the first floor, where the master shower is was originally a big old tub. Everybody gets those, and nobody uses them. It seemed like a complete waste of space. The shower was originally to the left of the sink that is against the exterior wall. We took that out, converted the tub to an expanded shower (with a bench seat), and extended the walk-in closet.

This is also not the latest version of this plan. The builder had modified it so the master suite expanded to include the adjacent study. The master suite was something like 17'x23' in its largest dimensions constructed that way. That's just crazy big. We preferred being able to carve off a separate room to use as a study, workout room, or whatever.

A three car garage may seem a little extravagant and nutty, but first off, every house by this builder in this neighborhood has one, and secondly, remember this is a 20-year house. This is the USA, not Europe, so you drive everywhere. That means that in 12 years we're going to have a third car. With the hailstorms we have around here, we're going to want to be able to park them all inside. Besides, the three car garage is becoming a common feature of middle to upper end houses; not having it would be a liability if and when we sold. In my parents' neighborhood, which was built out 10 to 20 years ago, I'd estimate about 25% of houses have a 3-car garage.

What else? Oh, both patios, front and back, are covered. The island in the kitchen is a single level, not split. Any questions?



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Wow! What a great house!

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