Monday, October 12, 2009

Can we depopulate her?

That’s what I believe. I am not an expert. I have no case worth presenting in a court of law. There are hundreds of hours of research on the swine flu and related vaccines that I have not done and I am not going to do. It is just what I believe, listening to the people I respect, and in no small part because if you map out all the financial ecosystems around the issue and people and incentives involved, it seems to me to be the logical conclusion.

Just what we need, more people who "believe" things without a shred of basis. If you don't know anything, and you know you don't know anything, how about shutting up? I know what the response would be. "These are just my beliefs and feelings, and I have a right to them." Translation: "I see no problem with being an idiot."




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