Friday, March 6, 2009

Unemployment: you're doing it wrong

Mr. Green said he had sent out 1,000 résumés and posted his credentials on more than 100 job boards since he was laid off from his management position at a data-analysis firm in January.


Carpet-bombing companies with your resume is not going to get you a job. Nor is putting your resume on job boards and waiting for a job to find you. It's not only this guy who has the wrong idea; his story is being used in the article to demonstrate how bad the market is. Even in a good economy that's a terrible strategy. It's a classic case of "work smarter, not harder."

Find the job that's a fit, where you can distinguish yourself from the other hundred resumes that have come in since Tuesday. You need to be proactive and selective, even in this economy. Ask The Headhunter has some good, sensible advice. It's not easy, and it's not magic, but it's the only thing that makes sense.

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