Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shady dealing from Sylvania

I had to replace one of our car's headlight bulbs. I noticed a selection of compatible bulbs at the store, including a "standard" bulb and the XtraVision for $2 more. In the little comparison chart on the back of the box, it got 3 bars for brightness, as compared to just 1 for the standard bulb. That's a lot brighter. Then I saw the fine print:

Headlamps dim by 20% or more and timely replacement results in increased lighting performance. Claims based on measured comparison between XtraVision product family at 100% light output and standard halogen bulbs at 80% light output.

W. T. F. They rigged the test and implied triple brightness for two products that might actually be identical. That's terrible. According to Sylvania's own web site, the XtraVision
standard bulb both output about 1000 lumens and use about 55 watts. About the only thing I can guess is that the color temperatures differ, but they don't publish those numbers for the standard bulb. I have no idea what the extra $2 buys.



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