Sunday, September 12, 2010

A real computer work station

Every time my neck or back acts up, I wish I had a real computer work station. What the furniture people sell you is nothing close. They just put together a bunch of flat surfaces, cut a hole for some cables, and call it a day. No sir, that doesn't cut it.

The ideal starts with a recliner in fully open position. Your body is in an almost floating position, with your legs raised to the same level as your shoulders. Replace the standard fixed armrests with ones that move. At the end of each is a half of a keyboard (probably at an oblique angle). There's also a trackball or mouse. If the latter, it's made so that it can't fall off. On the arm opposite from the mouse are controls like volume and brightness.

To either side of your head are speakers built into the head rest. Then a large arm extends over the top, holding a monitor (or multiple ones) directly in front of your face. They're adjustable, of course. Naturally, somewhere around here is a cupholder, or possibly something like one of those upside down things they have for caged rodents. It's some kind of set up to minimize movement. That's not (just) because of my laziness, but because it's awkward to drink from a cup lying down, and it would be awkward to get up and down from a rig like this.

Built-in massager is optional. And no, there's no option for a built-in toilet.



Blogger John Paul said...

"Time for lunch... in a cup!"

September 12, 2010 at 10:03 PM  

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