Sunday, December 7, 2008

What about the individual?

I saw this article a few weeks back about US Major League Baseball teams violating a previous agreement and recruiting Japanese baseball amateurs. The whole article is about the dispute between Japanese baseball officials and MLB officials, and the viability of Japanese baseball. Somehow the article's 1300-odd words managed to avoid any mention of what was best for the players in question. If a Japanese player wants to play in the United States, who are Japan's baseball leagues to stop him? What business is it of theirs? They have a concern about their baseball leagues. Fine. Whatever. Do what you will to keep it alive. But to restrict the freedom of a Japanese citizen? To keep him from finding the best place for him to offer his services? You can't justify taking away the choices of a real person for some nebulous and not particularly important concept like "Japanese baseball." That's just not right.

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