Monday, June 9, 2008

Enough with the staples?

Alternate explanations I've come up with for the fasteners in my head:

  1. I got a bottle broken over my head in a bar fight

  2. a souvenir of a bad day at the bomb squad

  3. A new fashion trend: scalp piercings

  4. That's where the CIA put the mind control chip

  5. It's the zipper for the skin suit

  6. I'm a Cylon, and that's where the interface cable goes

The doctor took pains to assure me that removing the staples would be free, but I still have to make an appointment. I thought they wanted to make sure I let them do it... I'm getting really tempted to take these out myself. They're itchy and a little sore. I certainly have a lot of tools that could do the job.



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