Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Iraq War funding bill

Somewhere in Fallujah, Iraq, November, 2008:
"Private, the enemy is approaching; why aren't we moving?!?!?"
"Sir, we're out of gas!"
"Private, why didn't you fill up before we left on patrol??!?"
"Sir, I did, but there wasn't any more! 6 months ago Congress cut off funding for the war!"

... in the ensuing firefight ...

"Sergeant, I only have 5 rounds! What should I do?!?"
"Write your Congressman. Now throw some rocks, corporal!"

... as they flee the city ...

"Where's my air support??!"
"Sir, the Air Force dropped their last bomb yesterday in Sadr City. They all flew back to Germany."

Iraq war funding is up for a vote again. The way the war supporters talk about it you'd think voting against it will mean pulling the plug right in the middle of the war. Get real. It's May. The bill is for funding in the next fiscal year, which begins in October. Even if they don't have the money for the war, there's still plenty of money at the Pentagon for an orderly withdrawal.

If they have any semblance of sense at the Pentagon, they already have plans on the books for how to get US troops out of Iraq within 90 days. Hell, I'd bet money they have a plan to get us out in 45 days; they have plans for everything. There are any number of reasons why that could happen, and thus why they should plan it. Political pressure at home could force it. North Korea could invade the South. Iraq could stabilize, or it could get much worse.

In other words, if the funding bill doesn't pass, we can remove our troops in an orderly and safe fashion*. They talk like pulling the plug on the war means stabbing our soldiers in the back. If Congress votes to end (our participation in) the war, we will leave. The only way soldiers would be abandoned is malice or incompetence from the executive branch.

* At least for our guys, if not the Iraqis.

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